Eatery Social Taqueria Eatery Social transports people from Malmö to the streets of Mexico, New York and LA. We offer a wide range of food, drinks, street culture and lifestyle inspired by some of the finest coasts and cities in the world. Eatery SocialTaquería in Malmö is an informal and lively restaurant, centrally located by the canal at Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live


Streetbird Streetbird is a rotisserie chicken restaurant that has its roots in street food from around the world.
Inspired by Harlem Americana, we look to the birth of hip hop, as well as street culture for aesthetic inspiration. Streetbird is fast, fun, fresh, and familiar. It's where you can pick up a rotisserie bird on your way home from work, have it delivered from our kitchen to yours in minutes, or kick back with friends and family in the restaurant to celebrate a birthday, or even just a Tuesday.


Marcus' Bermuda Marcus’ will feature a signature globally influenced cuisine, with a nod to Bermudian culture. Located at the Hamilton Princess, the restaurant looks out onto Hamilton Harbor and features a wood-burning grill, a vibrant central bar, and a wrap-around terrace, with a spectacular view of beautiful Bermuda.


Red Rooster, Harlem, NY Located in the heart of Harlem, Marcus Samuelsson’s landmark restaurant celebrates the roots of American cuisine in a lively atmosphere that reflects the rich diversity of the neighborhood. Celebrating local farmers and artisanal purveyors, Red Rooster serves comfort food with a twist and its Sunday gospel brunch is not to be missed.

Ginny’s Supper Club, Harlem, NY Downstairs from Red Rooster, Ginny’s is a modern reincarnation of the glamorous Harlem speakeasies of the Twenties. Kindled by live music, creative cocktails and soulful food, Ginny’s focuses on small plates and big performances—from poetry to gospel to hip hop and soul, the inclusive spirit epitomizes Harlem’s vibrant culture.

American Table Cafe and Bar, Alice Tully Hall, NY The power of sharing food lies in the beauty of sharing culture, and at American Table Cafe and Bar we bring together a diversity of people and culinary traditions in a space that houses a world-class performing arts center. Located at Lincoln Center's Alice Tully Hall, American Table offers the best seasonal produce from local farmers and purveyors to create American standards with a fresh perspective.

Marc Burger, Chicago This award-winning destination artfully stretches the boundaries of the classic American burger. A wide range of high-quality burgers, including grass-fed Angus beef, offers bold and unique flavors. Each sandwich is complemented by a variety of fresh, homemade toppings, zesty sides and classic American drinks.

American Table Brasserie and Bar, Stockholm, Sweden American Table is a tribute to American cuisine and way of life. We were inspired and influenced by the diversity found in America’s art, food culture, literature, and music. Whether you’re sitting alone or at one of the large communal tables placed in the center of the room, we want you to enjoy our wide selection of dishes and drinks made from the best products available.

Norda, Gothenburg, Sweden Combining the best of Gothenburg seafood with classic American steakhouse fare, Norda is a unique marriage of flavors and styles that celebrate local culture and fresh ingredients. Set in a restored former post office from the 1920s, Norda reflects its history and heritage in décor and cuisine.

Kitchen & Table, Sweden and Norway It is the multicultural mix of people, lifestyles and food that makes Manhattan so amazing. And when it comes to food, it’s definitely the root of many unique flavors. Kitchen and Table Uppsala melds the international flavors of New York with the cuisine and local ingredients of Scandinavia in order to provide you with exciting and refreshing taste sensations.